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The County Health Department has been serving people since it was first established in 1966. Public health services were made available to Stark County residents in 1990 when the decision was made to contract services from the Henry County Health Department. By doing so, Stark County residents had immediate access to the expertise of a fully certified health department. The programs of the Health Department are divided into five areas – Environmental Health, Communicable Disease, Home Health, Health and Wellness Promotion, and Maternal and Child Health. While each of these areas has its own responsibilities, they all work together to protect and promote public health.
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Pest Control Tucson Is Improving Health Conditions

spraying for pests

Are you having pest problems? Well, you’re not alone. Many property owners have had to deal with pests one time or another. When you have uninvited tenants on your property or roommates in your household who eat your food, damage your property and embarrass you when your friends or clients come over, it’s only natural that you’ll want to evict them as soon as possible. Pests are not only annoying but can cause serious health issues if left alone. These little invaders will creep or fly their way into your lovely home and turn it into their feeding and breeding ground.

Why You Might Have Pests

Often, homeowners dealing with pest will get confused and with a million questions of how and why the plague befell them. So, why could you be having pests even when you run a clean household? While it’s true that pests thrive in an untidy environment, they will also sneak to clean homes looking for food. Food supply is limited out in the wild, but your home isn’t. As a result, ants, mice, termites, cockroaches and all other types of pests will be drawn to people’s homes where there’s a ready supply of food. So, it’s not necessarily your fault that you have these unhealthy roommates.

How To Deal With Pests – Call The Experts

While you might want to attempt DIY pest control and start setting traps all over the house, traversing an uncharted field can have monumental consequences. When getting rid of pests, it is imperative that you use the right materials and pesticides to make sure that you, your property, and your family are safe. Pest control Tucson AZ will not only save you from ineffective pest control remedies that waste your time and money but will also prevent the situation from spiraling out of control or recurring.

Pro Pest Control Services

Pests are hard to beat, but professionals can spot the signs, get rid of the problem and make sure they never return. Crews from tucsonpest.com have the experience in the field and know where the vermin hides and the best extermination methods. Pest control isn’t just about extermination; it also involves using environmentally friendly pesticides. After all, you don’t want to use chemicals that will make the house uninhabitable for you as well. Pro pest control services are trained to control all types of pests including:

  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants and termites
  • And much more…

Hire pest control Tucson AZ services to help with all your residential or commercial pest problems. With experience, careful inspections, monitoring, and eco-friendly treatments experts can make your property pest free.

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Treat Your Teeth To A Great Dentist In Hurst TX


Seeing as teeth form such a natural part of daily life, it is very easy to forget how practical and important they are. And maybe it’s time to bring some attention back to oral health with a quick overview. More specifically, consider these reasons for appreciating your teeth a little more today.

Healthy Teeth And Gums Equal More Self Confidence

While it sounds superficial, teeth contribute a great deal to self-confidence. Because having the ability to smile with healthy teeth and gums make us feel good through natural dopamine chemicals being released. And this good feeling provides a boost of confidence – literally.

But why do teeth play such a critical part in how we feel about ourselves? Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. But there can be no doubt that oral health impacts your life on many different levels, and this includes self-esteem.

Strong Chompers Simplifies The Process Of Eating

Several times throughout the day, we need our teeth to break and grind through all different types of food. And while chewing is important to avoid choking, there is much more to it. For example, chewing properly aids the stomach with digestion. And if the stomach gets enough time to digest properly chewed food, it increases your awareness of how much you ultimately eat. The consequence? You will most likely cut down on portions and boost your quality of life.

But if your teeth are in bad shape, and eating is just one painful situation, you’ll either force down food quickly or switch to a permanent liquid diet. This is not the way you should enjoy a meal, and it can lead to problems with your digestive system if you don’t address the problem immediately.

Practical Purposes Of Healthy Teeth

Even though teeth should not be used for basic daily tasks such as biting open vacuum sealed bags, they do come in handy when you’ve got nothing else around to help. More specifically, you want to be able to rely on your teeth as a last-resort utensil that never fails.

Of course, teeth will have limits in terms of what they can withstand. But if you take care of them, they will take care of you.

Prevent Health Issues By Talking To The Best Dentist Hurst TX

Lastly, prevention is always the better option when it comes to oral health. If you can avoid the problem entirely, you are making the smart choice. To prevent any of the issues mentioned above, consult with the right dentist in Hurst TX today at http://midcitiesdental.com/.

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